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Board Members

Gardenia Justo, 1984
E-mail: gjusto@jhsmiami.org

Leilani Kicklighter, 1965
E-mail: lkicklighter@kickrisk.net

Violet Rhagnanan-Kramer, 1992
E-mail: vkramer@jhsmiami.org

D. Jane Mass
E-mail: janemass@live.com

Lynn Perrine, 1975
E-mail: lperrine@bellsouth.net

Nancy Eaton Roberts, 1968
E-mail: neroberts@bellsouth.net

Barbara Schneider-Russell, 1962
E-mail: barbara@baptisthealth.net

Linda Levine Timmons, 1972
E-mail: lindajtimmons@gmail.com

Debra Gordan Turbert, 1988
E-mail: dturbert@jhsmiami.org

Other Resources

Lael Manzo
JMH Department of Education and
305-585-7134 (office)